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You know I splintered my cane on your soft little ass the last time. You know that makes mistress VERY ANGRY!  Losing my favorite cane that way. Tsk tsk
I made her bend over and place her hands in the middle of the stool.  Ran my hands under her thin nylon panties and pulled them down to her knees with one swift pull, making her adorable little ass jiggle slightly, and the three girls I brought in to witness the punishment giggle.
It's always best to have witnesses, don't you think?  So much more humiliating. I like to bring in my special pets to witness. (smile) My mistresses in the making.  They show great promise and I know how they love to torment.
But not to worry, I've acquired a new toy to punish filthy naughty little girls with.
I smile at the girls as I take out a brand spanking new black leather crop from the cupboard.  Mmmm;  I love the evil gleam in their eyes.
I instruct one of the girls to remove the tie and open the shirt of the offender.
Standing behind her, I smack the inside of her thighs and demand her to separate them and bend over further so her little bald pink pussy lips are clearly visible.
Now it's time for your punishment.
I flip the switch on the crop.  Surprise, it vibrates.
The girls know what I like them to do, and two of them kneel in font of my naughty little captive, laughing at her while they lick her tears. Mmmmm, so sweet.
Sliding the rubber crop up the back of her blouse I see her shudder.  Mmmmm, feels good, doesn't it my dear?
Then circling around her soft little nipples, instantly causing them to pucker. A little pleasure, then a smack. Down her side, and then her stomach.  She trembles with fear and pleasure.  I can smell both. (smile)
I slide the vibrating crop over her bare pussy lips and she whimpers making the girls taunt her more.
You like that, don't you?  SMACK  Answer me! SMACK, stroke between her legs... lingering over her clit, SMACK.
Over and over.  I know you like it, girl!  It's clearly visible to everyone here. LOL
Tell me what a dirty little whore you've been.
That's right.  Very good.  SMACK  You're a filthy little slut who's going to squirt right here in front of everyone.  They're going to tell everyone you know?  SMACK SMACK SMACK!


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