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1-800-485-0215 Ext 108

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I'm Kim Ling and I'm Asian Girl. Other girls say that I'm teacher's pet because he always keep me after school for special tutoring.
You would not believe how much I have learned! *giggle*

Asian girls are raised very strict, and parents keep very close watch.
But now I make up for lost time!
You want, you can teach me things too! I want to be very bad girl.
But naughty girl too! I love being your baby girl.
Sweet, but not so innocent.

This doll baby love to please you. I love being on floor in front of you,
while you play with my long hair and tell me how pretty you think I am.
You can cuddle and snuggle with me. Bury you face in my long hair. Suck on my little hard nipples. Taste my wet pussy. And best of all, pull me in your lap and cum all inside me.

I love even more more when you let me please you. I know how
to make you very hard. Let me be your little Asian baby doll.

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1-800-485-0215 Ext 108

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